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Cubacel Tur is a prepaid SIM card that allows tourists to access mobile data at any time. At the same time, it eliminates the often unmanageable roaming charges, as there are no costs for the recipient for incoming calls from abroad.

The SIM card can be purchased from us via the Cubacel Tur starter package and then picked up at any ETECSA office (Oficina Comercial or Centro Multiservicio) within 14 days.

The products below cannot be used to top-up normal Cubacel cell numbers or Nauta accounts. The top-ups are only internet credit, which can be only used for Cubacel Tur SIM cards WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

How to buy a Cubacel Tur SIM card?

Purchasing Cubacel Tur SIM cards is only possible online. Although you could also purchase the card via the Internet from Cuba, it is recommended that you make the purchase from your home country. Purchasing in Cuba is not possible.

Where can I pick up this SIM card?

The pickup is possible at any commercial ETECSA branch in the country (Oficina Comercial or Centro Multiservicio), as well in the following airports:

– Havana International Airport (José Martí) Terminal 3
The CubaTUR / ETECSA stand is located after customs / migration in the baggage area in Hall C and is open 24/7 every day.
If you miss this or e.g. For example, if you land in Terminal 2, you could also visit the ETECSA office outside the airport at Terminal 3.
However, this is only open until 7 p.m.
(Terminal 1 = domestic flights / Terminal 2 = charter flights / Terminal 3 = international flights)

– Holguín International Airport at the ETECSA / CubaTUR stand.
– Varadero International Airport at the ETECSA / CubaTUR stand.
– Camaguey International Airport at the ETECSA / CubaTUR stand.

Other ETECSA offices where pickup is possible:

ProvinceName of the officeLocation
Pinar del RíoCENTRO MULTISERVICIOS MARTI MLCMartí No.33 entre Gerado de Medina e Isabel Rubio Pinar del Río
La Habana (Vedado)CMS Paseo 17 MLCCalle 17 # 701 esq. A, Vedado Plaza de la Revolución
La Habana (Habana Vieja)CENTRO MULTISERVICIOS OBISPO MLCObispo 457-459 e/ Villegas y Aguacate, La Habana Vieja
La Habana (Centro Habana)MINIPUNTO PLAZA CARLOS III MLCAve Salvador Allende esq. Arbol Seco, Centro Habana
La Habana (Guanabo)MINIPUNTO GUANABO MLCCalle 5ta C entre 490A y 492, Guanabo, Habana del Este.
La Habana (Cubanacán)Oficina Comercial Nautico MLCAve 5ta # 15204 esq 152.Rpto Naútico, Playa
La Habana (MTC)MINIPUNTO MTC MLCAve 5ta y 79 Miramar Playa, Edificio Barcelona, MTC
MatanzasOficina Comercial La Catedral Matanzas MLCCalle Milanes entre Jovellanos y Ayuntamiento. Matanzas
Matanzas (Varadero)Oficina Comercial Playa Azul Varadero MLCCalle 30 entre 1era y 3era Varadero, Matanzas
Villa ClaraOFICINA COMERCIAL Santa Clara MLCCalle Alfredo Barreras # 6 e/ Villuendas Máximo Gómez. Santa Clara, Villa Clara
CienfuegosOficina Comercial Cienfuegos MLCCalle 31 e/ 54 y 56. Cienfuegos
Sancti SpiritusOFICINA COMERCIAL DE SERVICIOS MÓVILES MLCBartolomé Masó # 61 e/ Cmdte Fajardo e Isabel Ma de Valdivia. Sancti Spíritus.
Ciego de ÁvilaMINIPUNTO 12 PLANTAS MLCHonorato Castillo s/n e/ Independencia y Libertad, Ciego de Ávila
CamagüeyOficina Comercial Camaguey MLCCalle Avellaneda # 271 e/ San Esteban y Correa. Camagüey
Las TunasOficina Comercial Las Tunas MLCCalle Francisco Vega No. 237 e/ Lucas Ortíz y Vicente García. Las Tunas
HolguínPunto de Ventas Centro de Negocios MLCCarretera Central e/ Martí y Holguín. Centro de Negocios AUSA. Holguín
Holguín (Moa)Punto de ventas Mineros Moa MLCAve. 1ro de Mayo s/n. Moa. Holguín.
GranmaMINIPUNTO JESUS MENENDEZ MLCAve. Antonio Maceo s/n e/ Ave. Granma y 2da. Rpto. Jesús Menéndez. Bayamo, Granma
Granma (Manzanillo)MINIPUNTO MANZANILLOCalle Martí No. 187 e/ Niceto López y Perucho Figueredo. Manzanillo, Granma
Santiago de CubaMinipunto MLC Santiago PrincipalCalle Heredia s/n e/ San Pedro y Santo Tomás. Santiago de Cuba
GuantánamoOficina Comercial Guantánamo MLCCalle Aguilera e/ Los Maceo y Calixto García. Guantánamo
Guantánamo (Baracoa)Oficina Comercial Baracoa MLCCalle Maceo # 138 e/ Rafael Trejo y Frank País. Baracoa, Guantánamo
Isla de la JuventudOficina MLCCalle 41 No. 2408 esq. 28 Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud
MayabequeOficina Comercial Mayabeque MLCAve 47 esq. 82 San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque
ArtemisaMinipunto MLC ArtemisaCalle 48 esq 33. Artemisa
Artemisa (Mariel)Minipunto MLC ZEDMCentro de Negocios # 1 vial de acceso a la Zal esq. Vial. Quiebra Hacha-Angosta Zona #5. Zona Desarrollo Mariel

What do I need to pick up a Cubacel Tur SIM card?

In order to receive the Cubacel TUR SIM, it is essential to show your passport and provide the reference number (NOT THE ORDER NUMBER), which you will receive after purchase.

How do I activate a Cubacel Tur SIM card?

To activate the Cubacel TUR SIM, insert it into the desired device/mobile phone and enter the key combination *666 then press the call button. You will receive a welcome message immediately afterward. The card can now be used, including the starting credit.

An English and Spanish language PDF, which acts as instructions for the Cubacel Tur SIM card, is available for download free of charge.

How do I activate a Cubacel Tur SIM card?

Topping up cannot be done locally in Cuba, but only online. We offer various Cubacel Tur top-up packages.

Who can I contact if I have problems with the Cubacel Tur SIM card?

ETECSA itself gives the telephone number: +53 (5) 2642266, which represents the customer service on site.
The staff speaks Spanish and English.

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